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Animeraider sez: As some of you know, this comic is available in several places. Not just here but on Patreon, Tapas, and on Webtoons. There's even a Facebook page! In fact, the only place on the internet that costs us money to maintain the strip is this very page you're looking at right now, which is why we've had ads up on the left and right sides of the site.

Funny thing - once we started showing the comic on other sites our readership jumped. We have more readers on the other sites than who come here, which has been a major shift in the past year. So we've decided to focus on those sites, and retire this one. The comic will continue - there's a lot of story left and we're just now getting into the meat of a Ghost Story that will span generations

All of the previous 18 chapters are available at all sites including this one, but to keep up with the story (chapter 19 started April 19th) we recommend the following sites:



And of course Patreon, where the strips are published a week early!

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Thanks for sticking with us over the past few years, and we hope to entertain you for quite some time to come! Love to you all! 

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